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Charles D’Agoult

French prelate, b. at Grenoble, 1747; d. at Paris, 1824

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Agoult, CHARLES CONSTANCE CESAR JOSEPH MATTHIEU D’, a French prelate, b. at Grenoble, 1747; d. at Paris, 1824. He studied at the Seminary of St. Sulpice, at Paris, and became Bishop of Pamiers, in 1787. During the French Revolution he emigrated, but returned to France in 1801, after having surrendered his bishopric. He wrote: “Projet d’une banque nationale” (Paris, 1815); “Eclaircissement sur le projet d’une banque nationale” (Paris, 1816); “Lettre a un Jacobin, ou reflexions politiques sur la constitution d’Angleterre et la charge royale” (Paris, 1815); “Conversation avec E. Burke, sur l’interet des puissances de l’Europe” (Paris 1814).



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