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Son of Uri, grandson of Hur, tribe of Judah

Beseleel, (Beca.l’el, in the shadow of God). I. The son of Uri and grandson of Hur of the tribe of Juda (Ex., xxxi, 2; xxxv, 30; I Paral., ii, 20; II Paral., i, 5). Being naturally endowed with a certain originality of invention, he was expressly called by God to be the chief architect of the tabernacle and its many appurtenances (Ex., xxxi, 2 sqq.). To him were entrusted the preparation of the holy oils, the incense, the priestly vestments, and finally the building of the ark and of the furniture for court and tabernacle. Special Divine gifts were also given to him and his assistants, especially Ooliab, for the proper execution of their office (Ex., xxxi, 3-6; xxxv, 34-35; xxxvi, 1).

II. One of the sons of Phahath-Moab who married a foreigner in the days of Esdras (I Esdras, x, 30).


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