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French cardinal (1772-1851)

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Astros, PAUL-THÉRÈSE-DAVID D, a French cardinal, b. at Tourves (Var) in 1772; d. September 29, 1851. He was a nephew of Portalis, a minister of Napoleon, and as such was engaged in the formulation of the Concordat of 1801. On its conclusion he was made vicar general of Archbishop (later. Cardinal) Belloy, of Paris, and after the latter’s death (1808) administered the diocese until the nomination of Cardinal Maury. He received, and was accused of promulgating, the bull of Pius VII (June 10, 1809), excommunicating Napoleon. For this act he was imprisoned at Vincennes until 1814, After the Restoration he became Bishop of Bayonne, and in 1830 Archbishop of Toulouse. At the request of Louis Napoleon, Pius IX created him cardinal, in 1850. He wrote “La verite catholique demontree; ou, Lettre aux Protestants d’Orthez” (2 v. 8°, Toulouse, 1833). He was one of the earliest opponents of Lamennais, against whom he wrote “Censure de divers ecrits de La Mennais et de ses disciples par plusieurs eveques de France, et Lettres des memes eveques au souverain pontife, Gregoire XVI”, etc. (Toulouse, 1835).

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