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Apostolic Vicariate of Eastern Kiang-si

Ecclesial territory in China

Kiang-si, Vicariate Apostolic of EASTERN.—The mission of Eastern Kiang-si was separated from the northern mission of Kiang-si in 1885. It includes 8,000,000 inhabitants and is formed from the four prefectures of Fu-chou-fu, Yao-chou-fu, Kwang-hsinfu, and Kien-chang-fu. The first vicar Apostolic is the present incumbent, Msgr. Casimir Vie, a Lazarist, named in 1885 titular Bishop of Metellopolis. He resides at Fu-thou-fu. The Catholic community included in 1899: 1 bishop, 16 Lazarists (including three Chinese), six native priests, six Sisters of Charity, forty-eight Sisters of St. Ann, fifty-six schools with 1910 pupils, sixty-six churches and chapels, twenty-five seminarians, ten orphanages with 622 children. In 1908: 1 bishop, 21 Lazarists, ten native priests, 96 churches and chapels, 2 seminaries with 31 students, 73 schools with 1787 pupils, 2 hospitals, 1 leper house, 13 hospices for aged men with 150 inmates, 13 orphanages with 539 children, 6 Sisters of Charity, 12 Chinese Sisters of St. Joseph, 16,295 Catholics, 3500 catechumens.


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