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Antoine-Joseph Mege

Maurist Benedictine, b. in 1625 at Clermont; d. April 15, 1691

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Mege, ANTOINE-JOSEPH, a Maurist Benedictine, b. in 1625 at Clermont; d. April 15, 1691, at the monastery of St. Germain-des-Pres near Paris. On March 17, 1643, he became a Benedictine at the monastery of Vendome. In 1659 he taught theology at the Abbey of St. Denis and afterwards devoted himself to preaching. In 1681 he was made prior of the monastery at Rethel in Champagne. Towards the end of his life he withdrew to St.-Germain-des-Pres, where he divided his time between prayer and study. His most important literary production is “Commentaire sur la regle de S. Benoit” and a MS. history of the congregation of St. Maur from 1610 till 1653 (Paris, 1687). This commentary is an attack upon the rigoristic interpretation of the rule by Abbot Rance of La Trappe, and was forbidden in 1689 by a chapter of the Maurist superiors at the instance of Bossuet. His other works are a translation of St. Ambrose’s treatise “On Virginity” (Paris, 1655), “La Morale chretienne” (Paris, 1661), a few ascetical writings and translations.


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