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Andrea Borromeo

Italian missionary (d. 1683)

Borromeo, ANDREA, an Italian missionary, b. in the first half of the seventeenth century, at or near Milan; d. in 1683. He was the son of Count Giulio Cesare Borromeo, and was received into the religious order of the Theatines in 1637. In 1652 he visited Mingrelia and Georgia (Russian Transcaucasia) as a missionary, and labored with success for eleven years, to convert the inhabitants. On his return to Rome he was elected procurator for these missions. He declined the offer of a bishopric. He left an account of the above mentioned missions of his order entitled: “Relazione della Georgia, Mingrelia, e Missioni de’ Padri Teatini in quelle parti” (Rome, 1704).


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