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Alonso Andrada

Jesuit biographer and ascetic writer (1590-1672)

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Andrada, ALONSO, biographer and ascetic writer, b. at Toledo, Spain, 1590; d. at Madrid, June 20, 1672. Before entering the Society of Jesus (1612) he read philosophy in Toledo, was afterwards rector of Plasencia and minister in foreign countries. In his declining years he wrote some thirty-four volumes on different subjects, some worthy of note for their learning, excellence of doctrine, and pleasing style, which to some extent conceal his carelessness and excessive simplicity. He is chiefly known as the continuator of Nuremberg‘s “Varones Ilustres”, biographies of distinguished members of the Society of Jesus. His “Guia de la Virtu a Imitacion de Nuestra Senora” deserves special mention.


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