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Agostino Bernal

Spanish theologian (1587-1642)

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Bernal, AGOSTINO, Spanish theologian, b. at Magallon in Aragon in 1587; d. at Saragossa, September 13, 1642. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1603 when sixteen years old. Being a finished classical scholar he taught humanities and rhetoric with success. The greater part of his life, however, he spent as professor of philosophy and theology at Saragossa, where he died. He was a man of rare innocence and candor of soul; so great was his love of prayer that it would be hard to say to which he devoted more time, to meditation or to study. He was looked upon by many as one of the most learned men of his age. His published works are: “Disputations de Divini Verbi Incarnatione” (Saragossa, 1639); “Disputations de Sacramentis in genere, Eucharistic et Ordine” (Lyons, 1651) a posthumous work.


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