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Prophet of the New Testament era

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Agabus, mentioned in Acts, xi, 28, and xxi, 10, as a prophet of the New Testament. Most probably both passages refer to the same person, who appears to have been a resident of Jerusalem. Tradition makes him one of the seventy-two disciples (Luke, x, 1), and one of the martyrs who suffered at Antioch. The Roman Martyrology mentions his name on February 13, while the Greek Church commemorates him on March 8. According to Acts, xi, 27-30, Agabus predicted the famine which apparently must be identified with that happening in the fourth year of Claudius, A.D. 45. In the year 58 the prophet predicted to St. Paul his coming captivity, though he could not induce the Apostle to stay away from Jerusalem (Acts, xxi, 10, 11).


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