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Adrien Rouquette

Missionary, b. in Louisiana in 1813, of French parentage; d. as a missionary among the Choctaw Indians in 1887

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Rouquette, ADRIEN, b. in Louisiana in 1813, of French parentage; d. as a missionary among the Choctaw Indians in 1887. The great passion of his youth was devotion to the Choctaw Indians. He was sent north in 1824 to divert his mind from his savage associates. In 1829 he was sent to France and finished his collegiate studies in Paris, Nantes, and Rennes, winning his baccalaureate in 1833. He returned to New Orleans, but refused to mingle in worldly pleasures, and spent much time alone or among his Indian friends. Later he returned to Paris to study law, but preferred literature, and returning to Louisiana, led a desultory life until 1842. He then made a third visit to France, where he published his first poetic essay, “Les Savannes”. This was well received and he returned to Louisiana to become editor of “Le Propagateur Catholique”. Ere long he found his true vocation and was ordained priest in 1845. Assigned to duty at the Cathedral of Saint Louis, at New Orleans, his eloquence crowded the building, and his holy life commanded the love and respect of all denominations. He served for fourteen years as a priest at New Orleans, then suddenly, in 1859, he severed all connection with civilization and made his home for twenty-nine years as a missionary among the Choctaw Indians on the banks of Bayou La Combe. As a result of his patient labors he won many converts to the Faith. Among his publications are: “La Thebiade de L’Amerique”, “L’Antoniade”, “La Nouvelle Atala”, “Wild Flowers”.



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