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A high priest who escaped from the slaughter at Nob

Abiathar (Hebr. ‘ebhyathar, Father of plenty, or, the great one is father), descendant of Achimelech, Achitob, Phinees, Heli, Ithamar, Aaron, a high priest who escaped from the slaughter at Nob, went to David in his banishment (I K. xxii, 20-23; xxiii, 6) and assisted him with his advice (I K, xxiii, 9-14; xxx, 7). Together with the high priest Sadoc, he assisted at the transportation of the ark to Jerusalem (I Par., xv, 11, 12), and tried to fellow David in his flight (II K, xv, 24), but instead aided him by counsel (II K., xv, 29-36; xvii, 15 sq.; xix, 11; I Par., xxvii, 34). He favored Adonias (III K., i, 7,19, 25, 42), and was banished by Solomon to Anathoth (III K, ii, 22-27), thus completing the ruin of the house of Ithamar (I K., ii, 30-36; iii, 10-14), As to II K., viii, 17, see Commentaries.


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