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Your Bible Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Scripture can be difficult to interpret and understand, so Jimmy Akin is here to help. Callers are welcome with any question on Sacred Scripture.

Questions Covered:

  • 05:58 - When Jesus says to turn our cheek, are we meant to understand this as humility or being passive aggressive? 
  • 14:37 - Is the King James Bible acceptable to read as a Catholic? 
  • 17:48 - Were Job and Jonah historical people or were they parables? 
  • 21:14 - If Jesus celebrated Hanukkah and prayed the Shema, why don’t we do that today?  
  • 29:00 - Is there biblical evidence for the teaching that the priest is in persona Christi? 
  • 36:12 - Is there biblical evidence that tells us that angels are more intelligent than humans? 
  • 43:27 - What does it mean that the meek will inherit the earth and why would they want to? 
  • 46:10 - When Jesus came into the apostles and broke the bread after the experience on the road to Emmaus, then disappeared, was this him teaching us that he is present in the Eucharist even though we can’t see him? 
  • 50:03 - Does the Bible mention anywhere the intercession of the saints and Mother Mary? 


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