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Your Bible Questions

Questions Covered:

  • 02:40 - Why would the soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ clothing? They were dirty and bloody, why would they want them? 
  • 11:27 - Does 2 Tim 3:16 refer to the New Testament? How do non-Catholics know that scripture is inspired?   
  • 19:30 - Does the bible support a plant-based diet? 
  • 28:48 - Did all the people that were condemned to be killed by the Israelites deserve to be killed? 
  • 33:30 - Is the term mustard seed in the bible actually supposed to be mulberry seed? 
  • 36:54 - Regarding 1 Corinth 13:8-10, what is the Catholic interpretation and perspective on speaking in tongues? 
  • 47:50 - I heard that the devil attacks us 4 times at the moment of our death. Is this supported anywhere in the bible? 
  • 50:22 - How do we reconcile all the weird laws in the Old Testament? 
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