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Your Bible Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 01:26 - In Revelation 12, it talks about how the woman has birth pains when delivering her son. Is there any evidence that this refers to Mary’s pain at the foot of the cross?
  • 12:25 - From scripture, is there a difference between dogma and doctrine?
  • 17:10 - Is there anything that describes if the prophecies of Isaiah have all come true?
  • 20:41 - In Matthew 27:52-53 when all the people rose from the dead when Christ was crucified, why is it not recorded in any gospels other than Matthew? What kind of impact did it have on Jerusalem?
  • 28:44 - In Samuel 4:1-11, the Philistines went and got the Ark of the Lord from Shiloh. What is the ark? Why did the Lord leave Israel to lose to the Philistines?
  • 34:24 - When we pray in accordance with the scriptures, what scriptures are we referring to?
  • 39:32 - What amount of awareness did Mary have during the passion of Christ?
  • 44:58 - The New American Bible has a note that the 2nd story of creation in Genesis is a much older narrative than the 1st. Does this mean that the 2nd story was written before the 1st?
  • 49:37 - In Matthew 24:34, what do you think about the events that must happen before the end of time? What did Jesus mean by “this generation”?
  • 52:24 - When Jesus cursed the fig tree, was it just to teach a lesson or was he truly angry?


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