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Your Bible Questions

 Questions Covered:

  • 3:39 – Why have we rejected the book of Enoch? 
  • 06:30 - Where in Scripture does it support Christ’s “Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity” in the Eucharist? 
  • 13:00 - Was there a practice at the time of Jesus where the Bride and Groom would have sent the guests home with wine as a gift? Was the miracle at Cana important because of this? 
  • 16:40 - Why did Jesus tell the Gerasene demoniac to go and tell his family about his miraculous healing?  
  • 21:25 - Is it possible that the Nephilim are Neanderthals that are referenced in Scripture? 
  • 29:41 - Was it a sign of faith from Abraham when he told his servants that he and Isaac would be back? 
  • 33:00 - In Matthew 2, when Joseph decides to go to Nazareth, which prophet is being referred to? 
  • 39:10 - How is the Bible a Catholic book? 
  • 44:23 - Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus’ Body without the Blood is enough? 
  • 49:39 - Why does Jacob wrestle with an angel? Aren’t they on the same side? 

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