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Your Bible Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 01:18 - When Jesus tells the 12 apostles to receive the holy spirit, could you tell me how that plays out to the rest of the generations of the world? And how can we actually discern the Spirit?
  • 12:32 - Did the apostle John write the Gospel of John or was it someone else?
  • 22:23 - My 17 yo daughter asked me why the God in the Old Testament seems much more harsh than the one in the New Testament. Why does it seem this way?
  • 28:51 - In Luke 16:9 it says “Make friends with dishonest wealth so that when it fails you, they may receive you into the eternal dwelling.” Could you tell me what it means by this?
  • 33:04 - How does God never have a beginning?
  • 35:50 - In Mark 10:17-18, why did Jesus say “Why do you call me good when only God is good?”
  • 42:30 - What does it mean that Jesus was “perfected” or “sanctified”?
  • 49:50 - In the bible does it say there’s no purgatory for children? And what would it be like for unbaptized children?
  • 51:55 - Is racism a sin? In the bible, both Paul and Jesus expressed racist views. For example, Paul says people from the Island of Crete are all lazy and gluttons. Jesus also said people from Canaan are all dogs.


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