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Your Bible Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Jimmy answers a variety of questions on Sacred Scripture.

Questions Covered:

  • 00:59 - Is there biblical evidence for Confirmation that I can share with my daughter who is supposed to be Confirmed this year? 
  • 06:37 - Why has the understanding of idolatry changed over time? It used to be more about images and physical items and now it seems like it’s about greed or putting things above God. 
  • 14:55 - In Mark 2, Jesus misquotes the Old Testament about the name of the high priest. Why does he do this? 
  • 20:16 - What does the Bible say about fraternal correction? 
  • 28:29 - How can I address the laws of the Old Testament, when people say that they are immoral? 
  • 35:30 - The Greek word in the original Lord’s Prayer that is translated as ‘daily’ in Catholic Bibles seems to be a vague translation. Would it be more correct for it to say ‘supersubstantial’? 
  • 43:12 - Why wasn’t Genesis written first? When is it estimated to have been written? 
  • 48:46 - The books of Matthew and Luke seem to have some contradictions in their accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. Why is that? 
  • 50:35 - Is positive affirmation approved of in Scripture? 


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