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Why Aren’t You Catholic

Audio only:

Questions Covered: 

  • 06:48 - I’m not Catholic because my Catholic coworkers tend to share an over importance on Mother Mary. 
  • 18:32 - I am not Catholic because I’m a member from the Episcopal Church. I believe the women in the Gospel were also Apostles. 
  • 30:29 - I am not Catholic because I was raised Catholic, but I was turned down when trying to get married in the Catholic Church. I also can’t support the Pope.  
  • 40:00 - I am not Catholic because Sola Scriptura. 
  • 46:27 - I am not Catholic because the foundational doctrine doesn’t make sense.  
  • 51:45 - I am not Catholic because the relationship with the apologetic individuals being complicit with wrong.  


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