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Why Aren’t You Catholic?

Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered: 

  • 04:13 - I’m not Catholic because I don’t believe in praying to Mary because I don’t see it in Scripture. 
  • 16:31 - I’m not Catholic because I find religion to be immoral and the act of worship to be immoral. Religion primes a community to need a dear leader to save them from ourselves since we’re broken.  
  • How can I respond to my ex-Catholic, now orthodox, friend who says the early Church fathers did not agree on the papacy?  
  • 42:43 - I am not Catholic because I’m a Christian and I don’t believe in the worship of the saints. Also, Catholics don’t believe in the Rapture. Why? 
  •  I am not Catholic because Catholics break the first Commandment. The current pope allows idols and idol worship into Catholic Churches, like the Pachamama statue in Rome right now. 
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