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What the Gospels Teach About Suffering

Audio only:

How is suffering good or beneficial? Should we ask for it? Find out here, with Marcellino D’Ambrosio.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:42 - How can I look at suffering with gratitude as a Catholic? 
  • 20:58 - How can I discern when suffering is from God and when it is not from God? 
  • 23:45 - How can we accept suffering caused by evil acts? How do the victims cope with that suffering? 
  • 33:02 - I bought your book and I want you to explain what we sacrifice when we attend Mass. 
  • 43:30 - How do we reconcile the desire for healing and acceptance of suffering? 
  • 47:12 - Is it okay to offer up suffering to God that we have brought upon ourselves? 
  • 49:11 - Can you give me an example of how to join our suffering to Christ? 

Resources Mentioned:

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