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What History Tells Us About Jesus

Audio only:

Who was Jesus? Can we really know that he lived? What was the early Church really like?

Questions Covered:

  • 16:51 - What is the Didache and what role does it play in the Church? 
  • 20:24 - How do we know how the apostles were martyred? 
  • 31:06 - Did the Romans record Jesus’ death on an official record? 
  • 35:40 - How would Jesus have looked? It seems like icons and images portray him in a certain way. 
  • 41:20 - Recently, there was an idea circulated that Jesus being Lord and Savior was invented in the sixth century by Constantine. How can you refute that? 
  • 44:10 - How do you think God has given us evidence of our faith in this age of science? 
  • 50:57 - Do you know of a book that I could give to someone who believes the New Testament was made up to make the Old Testament seem real and true? 
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