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Weird Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Who were the giants in Scripture?

Questions Covered:

  • 01:35 - If humans had to leave Earth and live on spaceships or other planets, would the Pope still be the bishop of Rome? Would the bishops get new dioceses? 
  • 06:10 - Is the dog that saved St. Rocco from starving, by bringing him bread, in Heaven? Could the dog have been an Angel? 
  • 11:40 - If a priest were to offer Mass on the International Space Station, would the only one to be able to grant faculties for him to preach, hear confessions or witness marriages be the pope since he is constantly traveling over different dioceses at any given time? The more important question is whether a Mass in space with microgravity could even be offered validly. Would the wine be able to stay in a chalice in a valid manner? 
  • 17:41 - Why is St Christopher shown with a dog’s head? 
  • 19:50 - Let’s say your adult son from the future travels to present day and informs you that he was 1) conceived out of wedlock, 2) was raised by his single mother because you married another woman, and 3) all of that set him on a path to becoming Pope. Question: how obligated would you be to ensure that timeline remain intact, since any slight alteration could result in your son never being born? 
  • 23:24 - Could we (or at least the people responsible for it) allow AI to call us (or consider us) their creator-gods? In a sense, AI would be created ex-nihilo and would be imprinted with our humanity without being human. 
  • 29:02 - If human technology ever developed Star Trek level matter teleportation, and that technology was used to transport people, would the transported person be the EXACT same upon rematerialization, down to the God-given soul, or would they be just a near-perfect facsimile with a different soul (given that the person is essentially destroyed at the molecular level when transported)? If the latter, would the transporter operator be in any way culpable for the death of the person who was dematerialized (be that person human, Klingon, or even android)? 
  • 31:44 - If God exists outside of time and space as we know it here and now, will his existence be different in heaven for eternity after the Final Judgement? We can only assume heaven too will exist in time and space since we will have our glorified bodies…or will it? 
  • 35:05 - What if an animal here on Earth evolved to be clearly rational in the same way humans are, would they need to be baptized? Would they be considered made in the image and likeness God as well? And would they have equal/greater/lesser intrinsic worth than us? (Same goes for aliens) 
  • 42:00 - Can Baby Yoda receive baptism if the Child were real? 
  • 44:49 - If you baptize the Wicked Witch of the West with water, is it an act of charity or an act of murder? 
  • 48:03 - I have heard Heaven described as a banquet feast, if this is true, then my quest is who will be at our table? My son was adopted, will he be with my husband and I or his birth mother? Thanks! For some reason it saddens me that he might not be with us in this scenario. 
  • 51:13 - Do you think Oswald was the lone gunman? 
  • 52:52 - I really want to know what’s up with the “giants” in the Bible. ‍
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