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Weird Questions

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:15 - Is it possible that children are so incredibly happy because of reincarnation? Their spirit remembers the recent experience of being old, and now they’re internally happy to be young again? 
  • 13:50 - Let us stipulate: One of Paul’s lost letters to the Corinthians is discoveredAn additional copy is found with complete textual agreementA third fragment is located and dated to the mid second centuryScholarly consensus develops that this letter is a work of the Apostle Paul; in essence there is no doubt that the letter is a work of “The Paul”The letter contains no dogmatic contradictionsThe letter offers some additional support for what the Catholic Church terms “Purgatory” and that this support can easily be harmonized with the Eastern concept of “Fore-taste”Bottom line, it is from Paul and it offers additional on point informationGiven these stipulations, would you kindly opine on the following: Would the Church likely call a Council to consider adding the letter to the Bible? If so, do you think it would be added to the cannon? To your mind, what would the various Orthodox communities do with the book? Similarly, what are your thoughts as to what this development might mean to the Protestant world? 
  • 20:28 - Would a self-aware AI (like Terminator’s SkyNet) have rational soul? If so, would God create the soul the moment it became self-aware? And would that mean once an AI is “on,” turning it off would equate killing it? 
  • 25:03 - I seem to recall that Colossal Boy was Jewish. Were any members of the Legion of Super Heroes Catholic?  
  • 31:55 - Is Baby Yoda required to fast, or to abstain from meat on Fridays/Good Friday (according to the discipline of his diocese/rite), if he’s 50 years old? 
  • 36:12 - If someone were to travel close to the speed of light from Saturday evening to Monday morning, as experienced on earth, such that Monday felt like Sunday, would they be obliged to fulfill their Sunday obligation in what was Monday for us but still felt like Sunday to them? 
  • 42:20 - Is the Prime Directive ethically defensible? 
  • 49:50 - When you fast regularly for health reasons, how do you deal with the religious obligation of fasting? If you were going to fast anyway and you were fasting from your own desire, how do you sincerely redirect that intention to God? 
  • 51:34 - What would be the effects of organ transplants at the resurrection of the dead? 
  • 52:07 - What would be your opinion on how a faithful Catholic should deal with vampires? Is it morally acceptable to destroy them? 
  • 53:34 - How much incense is too much? 
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