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Weird Questions

Questions Covered:

  • 00:58 - Does Time Travel exist?
  • 04:39 - Granting that I time travel back to the past to Jesus’ crucifixion, I take videos of Jesus to prove he exists, and I join Mary and John in approaching him. Is there a possibility that I will be recorded in the Bible? And will the videos and photos that I have taken will be erased if I come back from the past?
  • 09:35 - Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  • 17:39 - Where are all the cryptid sightings coming from, especially in national parks?
  • 28:44 - Archeologists have discovered that there was a small Christian community in the city of Pompeii before the Vesuvius eruption. What if, by some miracle, a scroll somehow survived in the city, with the text of something that claimed to be a “Letter of Paul to the Pompeians”? It follows the format of the universally accepted Pauline epistles, it doesn’t contradict anything Paul wrote previously, and it ultimately seems to be genuinely from Paul. How do you think the Church would respond to the situation?
  • 41:48 - What are the top three (or any other arbitrary number) lost books you would love to have? Tell us about them, and tell us why you would love to have them. I’d like to read the Gospel of the Hebrews, for example, in its entirety (instead of the fragments left behind in writings by the early Church Fathers).
  • 50:43 - Does the Highlander have a soul since he is immortal? Would an immortal being need a soul?
  •  52:13 - Does baptism apply to a person’s entire body? For example, if technology were such that my body died but one cell remained alive and I was regrown immediately from that cell, is my baptism still valid or does the regrown body need to be baptized? Similarly, if a baptized person’s heart (or other organ) is transplanted into another non-baptized person does the organ from the baptized body transmit its baptismal graces to the new body?
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