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The Person of St. Joseph

Audio only:

Who was St. Joseph and why would Catholics be consecrated to Christ through him?

Questions Covered:

  • 15:15 - Did Joseph and Mary have other kids? 
  • 18:10 - In the prophecies, the Messiah was supposed to be descended from the royal line of David. Does this prophecy make St. Joseph a king?  
  • 22:15 - Can we still do the consecration if we wouldn’t be finishing on St. Joseph’s feast day? 
  • 31:22 - Why is St. Joseph called the “Terror of Demons”?  
  • 34:03 - Have you heard or experienced the Sicilian celebration of St. Joseph?  
  • 35:55 - My son is a seminarian right now. How can I help my son, who didn’t really have a father figure, to call on St. Joseph as his father? 
  • 42:45 - What are your thoughts on St. Joseph’s age? 
  • 47:00 - What can we do on a local level to help get St. Joseph on the universal calendar? 
  • 49:30 - When people are trying to sell their homes, they get a little holy card of St. Joseph and bury it in the yard. Is this reverent or appropriate? 
  • 51:29 - What are some ways we can incorporate praying to St. Joseph in our daily lives? 
  • 53:45 - Why does Joseph appear so seldom in Scripture? 
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