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The Healing Power of Christ

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 12:21 - 4 months ago I found out that my father has stage four cancer. They cannot cure it. How can I find peace in this very difficult time? 
  • 16:00 - How can I better pray for my patients? 
  • 18:28 - How does one specifically allow God into their heart and how can one know whether He is in their heart or not? 
  • 22:48 - I feel like my prayers are not being answered. What can I do? 
  • 29:00 - I heard in a sermon that when we go to Communion, we can ask for healing through Jesus. Is this true? 
  • 35:15 - How can we know if our healing is from God? Also, it seems like we don’t have to trust in God because we have so much here in this country. How can we combat that? 
  • 40:23 - How can I find healing from discouragement with the Church today? How can I keep a joyful heart? 
  • 43:50 - Do I keep praying for healing? Someone told me that God knows what I need.  
  • 45:00 - How can I support my fiancé in his healing from sexual addiction to self-gratification? He receives the sacraments frequently but feels hopeless because he’s been struggling for a long time. How can I offer help without being overbearing or seeming judgmental?  

Resources Mentioned:

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