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The Eucharistic Church in a Time of Pandemic

Audio only:

How is a Eucharistic Church meant to thrive in a time when public gatherings are not allowed?:

Questions Covered:

  • 16:55 - What is the Church teaching on how to receive the Eucharist, especially right now? 
  • 22:01 - Why do Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ? 
  • 28:54 - Is there an advantage to watching the live stream of the Mass v. watching it later on YouTube? 
  • 30:58 - At what point does the Church engage in civil disobedience when it comes to the lockdown? There are so many places open, but it seems like the Church isn’t even trying to compromise. At what point will we just hold Masses again?  
  • 33:02 - What is the difference between receiving the Eucharist spiritually v. physically and sacramentally? 
  • 37:22 - Are priests’ hands anointed? Why is Walmart open, but our Church is not?  
  • 46:13 - Is it true that there will be a tracking system for which people are going to Mass once the Church reopens? 
  • 50:10 - Can the priests come to us instead of us forming lines to receive communion? 


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