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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Audio only:

What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? What is their relevance for Christianity? Find out these answers and more from this episode of Catholic Answers Live.

Questions Covered:

16:00 - What would you say to people who would dismiss the Essenes as just a fringe cult? 

25:00 - What do the Dead Sea Scrolls teach us about His childhood and early adulthood? 

29:15 - What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? 

35:20 - Was St. Paul an Essene? 

44:38 - Considering the Dead Sea Scrolls, why did the apostles choose the Septuagint type instead of the others? 

48:44 - In Mark 4 Jesus says some will not be converted. I once heard that that verse was a reference to Isaiah, is this true and if so, what does that mean? 


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