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The Reliability of the Gospels

Audio only:

Why can we trust the New Testament gospels of Scripture? How can we be certain that they are true and historically accurate?

Questions Covered:

  • 21:30 - Parts of Scripture are not historically accurate. How would Jesus have spoken with Moses at the Transfiguration? 
  • 30:33 - We read in Scripture that Jesus instituted the sacraments, but John was baptizing before Jesus, so what does that mean? What was baptism for the people before Jesus?  
  • 35:07 - Is there any information on Jesus outside of the gospels from that time period? 
  • 41:46 - How can I explain to my daughter why the Bible is a reliable and valid source? 
  • 48:58 - How do you understand and answer for the different accounts of the crucifixion? 

Resources Mentioned:


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