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Same-Sex Attraction

Kim Zember

Audio only:

What does the Church teach about same-sex attraction? How can we best love one another as Christ commands?

Questions Covered:

  • 14:11 - How do you explain to people how and why transgenderism is not a part of God’s plan for people and not what the Church teaches? 
  • 20:40 - What do you do about family members who are living a same-sex lifestyle when you want to show you care but can’t support some of their choices? 
  • 31:20 - I have a transgender nephew. We are all Catholic. I am struggling because he wants to be addressed as a female, but I don’t want to cause scandal for my kids and nieces. How do I meet him where he is but also do the right thing? 
  • 41:35 –  Do you think that some people feel drawn to the gay lifestyle because the heterosexual lifestyle has become too painful and complicated? 
  • 48:35 - I have been struggling with people asking me at work to call them by different gender pronouns. I see a lot of fluidity in gender in nature in animals. How do you know that this gender fluidity is wrong and not what God wants? 
  • 50:28 - I was chatting with someone and didn’t know they were gay. I spoke about the pain and trauma that can sometimes cause people to explore different gender identities and this person was horrified that I thought trauma made them gay. I did not know how to best respond. How can I answer them? 


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