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The Church in the News

JD Flynn

Audio only:

What is going on in the Church around the world?

Questions Covered:

  • 32:32 - The Church is wringing its hands now that Biden is president but didn’t speak out against his morals before the election. Why is there this strange standard? 
  • 35:30 - Am I right in thinking that Cardinal Pell was framed wrongly by corrupt people in the Vatican? 
  • 40:30 - What is the Church’s position on which vaccines are morally permissible? 
  • 44:06 - what the hell is going on with the coverage of religion in the secular media – the reporting on it isn’t “wrong” it’s illiterate. 
  • 48:54 - I am very upset about our president and his feelings on abortion. Why isn’t the Church doing more to fight abortion and other important issues? 


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