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Relationship with Jesus

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Questions Covered:

  • 13:55 - I’ve been Catholic all my life but I’m still mystified. A part of me embraces his mercy and another part of me is afraid of him. Can you help give some insight?
  • 20:14 - What is a relationship with Christ? How does one relate that to protestants?
  • 31:53 - How does God use guardian angels to bring us closer to him?
  • 35:07 - Am I focusing too much on the Father rather than Jesus?
  • 40:18 - Has your knowledge of the Church Fathers helped you with your relationship?
  • 43:38 - You mentioned reading the bible to help with a relationship. I struggle with reading the bible because I fear that I’ll misinterpret it. Can you give me some advice?
  • 46:45 - Don’t have a relationship with Jesus and am no longer believing. I’m only remaining Catholic because I fear hell. Is this wrong?
  • 50:17 - How do I help my four children have a relationship with Jesus when I struggle with having one with him?
  • 52:37 - How do you make having a relationship with Jesus sound fun and exciting when talking about it?
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