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Weird Questions

Questions Covered:

  • 02:30 - In Genesis, the Lord told the serpent he would have to crawl on his belly and eat dirt. Did the serpent die, or is it still around? Did its descendants have to eat dust too? Are they still around? 
  • 06:48 - How would a Catholic time lord know when to go to mass to fulfill the Sunday obligation? Are all the incarnations of the Doctor married to River Song, or just the eleventh doctor? Given that they both time traveled separately and could conceivably encounter each other at any point in time and space, at what point would he be considered a widower? 
  • 12:59 - Jimmy Akin, how do you store information in your brain? Do you have a photographic memory? Have you been partially assimilated or turned into a cyber man, allowing you to call to mind detailed information at will? How exactly do you store the plethora of the facts and data that you keep in your head? 
  • 28:43 - A news story described a couple that discovered they were not legally married because—after the service was performed—the marriage license was not sent to the proper civil department, so they needed to have a new civil wedding. Question 1 If this happens with a Catholic Wedding would anything need to be done when fixing the civil side? Question 2 What if there is clerical error with a Catholic Wedding and the need notation is NOT made in the church (baptism) records how would it be fixed? 
  • 33:08 - If Jesus died once and for all and rose from the dead, if there are other planets that support life created in His image and likeness, how did we get so lucky that it all happened on our planet? Or do we need to spread the good news to all the ends of the universe too? 
  • 35:10 - What would have happened if just Eve had eaten the apple and not Adam or vice versa? 
  • 38:54 - A woman gets married then transported back in time 400-ish years. Thinking she’ll never make it back to her own time, and because she needs to be married for protection, she gets married, despite the fact she was married in her original time. Is the new marriage valid? 
  • 44:58 - Deja Vu. What is it? Why does it happen? 
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