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Ask a Priest

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Questions Covered:

  • 04:55 - When I was young and attended the mass in Latin, I didn’t understand what was happening at the altar. It seemed nobody had any connection with each other or with God. Why can’t the mass today be a cooperation between Latin and English?
  • 17:19 - In Boston, priests that moved from the Anglican church to the Catholic church can’t advertise that they are using the Anglican rite. Why is that and if there are people that like it, why can’t it be used more?
  • 28:42 - I’ve been sick for 11 years and on bedrest. I’ve had so much joy and it’s been a happy time but recently my brain isn’t working as well so it’s hard to pray. Can I please have some pastoral advice for how to continue to be close to God?
  • 39:28 - It seems that there are more options for ministry in Protestantism than in Catholicism. It seems that if you’re not a priest, there’s not as much you can do in terms of higher study. Is that correct or is this a misconception and there’s more than just being a lay person?
  • 46:03 - What are your thoughts as to why people that are passionate about the Latin mass don’t put that same effort into the Novus Ordo mass? Is it really the guitars and English that are keeping them from the newer mass?
  • 50:05 - I used to be Protestant pastor and I’m now Catholic. I’m fully tattooed from the neck down and married. Is there any way I can become a deacon while being fully tattooed?


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