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Race and Reparations

Pro-life leader and EWTN Morning Glory co-host Gloria Purvis joins us for a conversation around the current push for a reparations commission. As hard as it may be to talk with maturity and composure about race, Catholics are called to contribute in a charitable way to the conversation. There is, of course, no official Catholic position on reparations,  but the topic provides us with an opportunity for a Friday discussion about race in the light of the Gospel.

Questions Covered:

  • 22:58 - In fairness of reparations, what is a good solution that addresses the culpability of all involved?
  • 33:07 - The first slave owner in North America was black. How can you blame the whole issue on non-blacks?
  • 37:10 - Don’t Christians believe that forgiveness has no price? Also, I don’t believe beauty is physical. I believe it’s the character of a person that is beautiful. Don’t you agree?
  • 45:45 - I had nothing to do with owning slaves, but are you saying that I would be responsible for paying these reparations?
  • 52:10 - I agree almost a hundred percent with you. At one point do we limit reparations to just African Americans? There were slaves of other races, too.
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