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Questions Covered:

  • 01:00 - Catholics like to try and validate the serpents claim that when you die you don’t really die. That’s how they end up teaching Mary and all the saints are not dead but in heaven.
  • 05:46 - How should I love God and have a firm resolve especially after confession?
  • 12:28 - When was the last time the pope spoke ex cathedra?
  • 17:07 - Do you think it’s ok to use philosophy and theology to evaluate human evolution?
  • 27:53 - I’m a recent revert. Why does the bible seem to suggest that Jesus is subordinate to the father?
  • 36:39 - How are we sure the saints are in heaven if there’s a chance they went to purgatory?
  • 46:23 - Are priests also counselors?
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