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  • 03:08 - Regarding Mary’s bodily death, is it a valid theology opinion or position to take that she did not die but was assumed without dying first, given its not part of the dogma itself? 
  • 05:46 - I heard a priest say that even an atheist can get to heaven, is this true? 
  • 16:52 - Why does the rosary have ten Hail Marys in a row? Is there a significance to this? 
  • 22:28 - Do rights exist or are rights just something that came out of the enlightenment period?  
  • 35:13 - Can the verse Act 8:16 and Acts 19:1-6 be used in an argument for the efficacy of Baptism?  
  • 44:35 - Is there any connection of “That which dwells” from the Old Testament to the Holy Spirit? 
  • 52:47 - Why are the Gospels written in third person?  
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