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Questions Covered:

  • 11:03 - Should we take it literally that a star led the Wisemen? Was it possibly an angel? 
  • 19:11 - The Wisemen didn’t come for like 2 years right? 
  • 24:00 - Was Jesus’ family wealthy because the Wise Men brought gold, etc. in their treasure chests?  
  • 29:35 - Do they think Jesus was born at midnight? Or sometime during the night. 
  • 33:12 - why have they made up names for the three kings since those names are not in the Bible ( like Balthasar etc..)? 
  • 35:38 - Are we supposed to bless our homes with chalk on the Epiphany? Why and how? How did the writing with blessed chalk above one’s household door come about, and why is it okay (i.e., not some kind of spell casting)? 
  • 37:38 - Why do they say we are celebrating Jesus’ baptism when it was really a circumcision since they are not the same? 
  •  – In the Byzantine liturgical tradition, the Magi are always depicted as gentiles. But in contemporary biblical studies, they are generally considered as Jewish. What do you think? 
  • 47:37 - Hello my brothers! I’m from Mexico and when I was a kid my grandma and other family members used to tell us that the three stars aligned in the sky were the three magi and I used to be so excited looking up during these special days of the epiphany and in Mexico we receive our Christmas gifts January 6th and you write a letter to the magi not Santa jaja have you heard of these traditions? Especially the one about the stars? 
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