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Made in the Image and Likeness of God

Audio only:

Where does the idea that we are made it God’s image and likeness come from?

Questions Covered:

  • 11:50 - I have some cuts on my wrists from a serious depression that I went through. Am I forgiven for hurting myself like that? Am I still in the image of God? 
  • 19:15 - How can we understand original sin and being made in the image and likeness of God? 
  • 33:42 - If we are made in the image of God, why are we so prone to sin?  
  • 43:20 - I think tattoos can be a way to beautify the body. How is it an evil or different from piercing the ears? 
  • 48:50 - Is it wrong for an aborted fetus to be used for scientific progress? 
  • 52:04 - How did your father’s pro-life view affect you?
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