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Society 315 Open Forum

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Questions Covered:

  • 04:15 – Is it morally permissible to 3D print religious art and icons? 
  • 19:33 - My question is based on a recent debate a friend and I had: would it technically be okay to wear an upside down cross as a necklace to represent the St. Peter’s cross.  We both love the representation of humility and devotion St. Peter had and the symbolism is amazing. But people assume upside down crosses are satanic.  It could be a conversation starter, but then again it could send an odd message.  So technically two questions: is it okay and would it be prudent? 
  • 22:39 – 
  • 31:59 - This is a 2 part question: 1. Is God actually involved in the creation of every human life? Or just the “chosen ones”? Meaning, maybe some people are created simply as a scientific effect of the procreational act? 2. If He IS involved in the creation of every human life…and so many people do not make it to heaven…. and God is omniscient …wouldn’t that mean that God is knowingly creating people that He knows will go to hell? If that is true, are there any thoughts/ideas on why He would do that? 
  • 39:18 –What was the manna in the desert for? Why did Jesus emphasize that they ate and still died? 
  • 43:17 - Can a priest consecrate something else apart from bread such as an apple? 
  • 48:25 - I would love to ask Cy and Joe a question! I am part of a Christian Facebook group open to all Christian denominations, and recently someone made a comment about St. Paul being a heretic. I was curious if this is a belief of a particular denomination and what the roots of this claim comes from. I have never heard a Christian claim this and wanted to know the argument better. 
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