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Cardinal Newman and Catholic Education

Catholic education entails a lot more than religion class and uniforms. In this episode we discuss Cardinal John Henry Newman’s thoughts on education.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:31 - Our parish school has declining enrollment. What might Newman advise us?
  • 30:30 - Do you think there are parallels between education moving toward utilitarianism and the people being more casual with worship?
  • 32:25 - What did Newman think about training in classical languages?
  • 36:34 - Did Newman write anything about conversion to Catholicism or about transgenderism?
  • 42:45 - How can a believer at a university engage in conversation and friendship with a non-believer to encourage him to think about faith?
  • 45:10 - How can we get our school curriculums more in line with Newman’s ideal?
  • 47:15 - I teach catechists. What should I tell them their students absolutely must know before they go off to university?
  • 50:02 - I’m a parent of a college student who is pursuing liberal education. But I’m also worried about his prospects of finding a job after graduating.

Resources Mentioned:

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