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Would the Passion Have Happened Without Judas?

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 07:07 - Why did Jesus pick John and James to witness the Transfiguration?
  • 12:47 - Jesus made a strong statement towards Judas “better not to have been born.” What is your interpretation of that verse?
  • 19:57 - We hear that all the angels and saints are always present at Mass. What does that look like on a practical level since Mass is happening across the world?
  • 28:46 - Constantine founded Catholicism, and he was a pagan sun god worshiper.
  • 32:45 - If a Catholic couple is civilly married but only one of them wants to get married in the Church, what are their options?
  • 37:19 - At my parish they are introducing a new model where there is no longer a pastor. They will put a lay person in charge. What is your view on this?
  • 43:09 - Why did the Transfiguration happen? Was it in any way related to Jesus’ Baptism since those are the only 2 places God speaks?
  • 46:29 - Without the act of betrayal of Jesus, would the passion have happened? Is his life an example of the consequences of free will?
  • 50:10 - Jesus’ greeting towards Nathaniel seemed light-hearted. Does this affect the Catholic Church and how they view Nathaniel?
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