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Jesus and John the Baptist

Steve Ray

Questions Covered:

  • 19:17 - Why did the death of John receive the distinction of being known as the Passion of John the Baptist?
  • 23:02 - Could the sign of the cross be traced back to John the Baptist?
  • 29:44 - Since Jesus and John were cousins, is it possible for both of them to be in the temple when they were 12 years old?
  • 35:43 - Can you tell us about John’s disciples becoming Jesus’ disciples?
  • 42:10 - Steve, you will be coming to my area and I just want you to thank you for talking about Jesus and the Eucharist.
  • 45:08 - Jesus refers to John as blessed among women. Since this line is also evidence for Mary being sinless, can we also say that John was conceived without sin?
  • 47:14 - Jesus said as high as John ranks, he still ranks as low as women. If that’s the case, where does that put me?
  • 50:18 - Would Mary have been baptized by John? Were women baptized in general?
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