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Questions Covered:

  • 14:32 - What is the best way to help our kids set goals? Do you agree with the approach “heaven, not Harvard?” 
  • 21:09 - I am a new father, for the last month. Right now, my wife is tired, so I have been doing most of the household chores. How can I talk to her about doing more around the house? I work all day and then come home and I’m basically still working. 
  • 32:25 - I think sacrificing in a sacramental marriage is love. There is biblical evidence for this kind of masculinity. 
  • 38:06 - I am a father of 9 and I have some suggestions for the young father on the line. I took over cooking for my wife and just found easy ways to make simple meals. Take time to listen to your wife every day, even if it’s the same conversation as the day before. 
  • 42:57 - What are your thoughts on a relationship with a Catholic and a Protestant, when the Protestant would be the father and spiritual leader of the family? 
  •  47:45 - My priest told me that my job was to help my wife and children become saints and that changed my whole outlook on being a father and a husband. 
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