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Renewing Our Hope

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 14:37 - How can we spark a revival for Catholics in America and around the world?
  • 17:18 - How can we evangelize others who are angry about the sex abuse crisis?
  • 21:19 - I have heard that when the Church goes through difficult periods, a great Saint will come. Do you think a Saint will come?
  • 28:13 - What do you think the future of the Church looks like?
  • 31:34 - Does the Latin Mass belong in your renewal for the Catholic Church?
  • 33:35 - As someone who is currently still a Protestant, but at the door of the Catholic Church, would it be better to study the bible at a Protestant school or a Catholic school?
  • 39:44 - I am a non-believer, the reason I don’t believe is that there seems to be more hope on the non-believing side, and why is there a lack of hope right now?
  • 42:13 - I read recently that there is a large spike in religiosity after a harmful event, like the pandemic, what are your thoughts on that, and have you seen that personally?
  • 46:09 - How do I evangelize friends far away from the church? How do I give them hope in the gospel that God will provide for them?
  • 48:32 - How can we better share our faith and story-tell through rhetoric and auditory skills?
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