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Pope Peter

Audio only:

You’re not Catholic unless you believe in the papacy. Joe Heschmeyer helps us to understand why.

Questions Covered:

  • 05:08 - In Acts, it sounds like Paul is in charge and not Peter. Can you explain this? 
  • 09:48 - I have heard that Peter’s denial of Christ was not really a denial, but a denial of who he is becoming in Christ. What do you think of this? 
  • 14:40 - How can I respond to people who claim that Pope Francis is saying a bunch of crazy things, for example, that we don’t have to go to Church anymore? 
  • 18:21 - I am confused by Pope Francis because he says many things that make it seem like he is socialist or liberal. I want to have no doubt or confusion about him. Can you help me to better understand him? 
  • 23:51 - What do you mean by the anti-popes? 
  • 29:12 – I am not Catholic. How do you square Jesus saying, “Believe and be baptized,” and Peter saying, “Repent and be baptized”? 
  • 35:40 - Isn’t the job of the pope to be pastoral? 
  • 40:55 - How did St. Peter end up in Rome? 
  • 43:40 - Is the line of Peter broken because there were 3 popes at one time in history? 
  • 45:14 - What have you found to be the strongest argument against the papacy, and how do you counter it? 
  • 48:13 - In the New Testament, there is no reference to Peter as Pope or popes in general. There is nothing that says“consult the pope”. Why is this? 
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