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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 13:53 - I’ve noticed in my parish that they removed all images of a crucified Christ. Is this a common practice around this time of year?
  • 17:19 - What is the difference between the particular judgment and the general judgment?
  • 20:43 - Is being a homosexual a sin or is it just the action that is sin?
  • 36:06 - Is it ok to say “bless you” back to a priest? Is that a quick prayer?
  • 38:38 - What are your thoughts on the claim that Jesus started small churches and not a big universal church? I’m being told that all I need to do is believe in Jesus.
  • 45:29 - What does the white collar mean?
  • 49:08 - I’ve heard people say we should unite our sufferings to Christ for the redemption of others. What does that mean?


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