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Open Forum for Those in RCIA

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 02:14 - How could God have 1 will and Jesus 2 wills without us saying that the Father and the Holy Spirit both have a human will? 
  • 06:57 - How do I get over the fear of Mary? 
  • 15:50 - How is veneration of relics not superstition? 
  • 20:08 - Is there a parallel between Jesus being fully God and being fully man and the Eucharist being fully bread and fully Jesus? 
  • 29:57 - When I went through RCIA they said purgatory wasn’t real. Can you clarify? 
  • 40:45 - What is the Consecration of Russia?  What are we supposed to do? 
  • 46:40 - My future daughter in law wanted to get married soon but didn’t finish the RCIA process. Can she still get married in the Church? 
  • 50:04 – Can you clarify Revelation 5:8? 
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