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Setting Boundaries

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Questions Covered:

  • 17:44 - My mother is in assisted living. Sometimes she asks me if she can come home, and when I say she can’t, she says things like “Oh, you don’t want me.” I was going to set a boundary with the things she says, but it sounds like Dr. Ray’s saying I shouldn’t. What should I do? 
  • 29:40 - How can I talk with my wife about her habits that are destructive for her health? 
  • 41:48 - My wife and I are separated. I want to repair the marriage, but what boundaries should I set in the process? 
  • 48:00 - My whole family is on Facebook, but I’m not because I don’t want to know everyone’s business. Am I setting too strong a boundary there? Am I being too judgemental? 
  • 51:54 - I want to adopt a child but my wife doesn’t and thinks it’s wrong. How do I talk to her about this? 

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