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Audio only:

Fr. Sebastian Walshe discusses his co-authored book, 20 Answers: Prayer.

Questions Covered:

  • 08:42 – Why do we pray the “Lord’s Prayer” the way we do during the Mass? Why is it different than the way Protestants pray? 
  • 14:53 - If we believe that every prayer asked in faith will be answered, does that mean that the faithful prayer in Scripture will be answered? 
  • 18:42 - Why do Catholics pray in Mary’s name or to Mary? 
  • 28:00 - I have a hard time with prayer and I’ve never really read Scripture. Where is a good place to start?  
  • 33:08 - My prayers are for others, but I read that prayers for others will not be answered because I can’t merit them. Is this true? 
  • 37:10 - When was “Jesus” added to the Hail Mary prayer? 
  • 41:48 – Is a prayer journal helpful? 
  • 43:11 - What is a private devotion and why can’t it be prayed publicly? 
  • 46:07 - When was “you” changed to “thee” in the Hail Mary and why? 
  • 51:00 - What is the clearest example of someone’s prayer being answered by supernatural means? 
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